NO.3 I Don't Think God Created Atoms to Destroy Life, but to Sustain It. 1998.11.21 Reference number:00077
Dear Readers,

Just wanted to say that the recent A-bomb testing is pointless. When countries are at war, everyone wants their army to be the winner. But when it comes to atomic bombs....there are no winners. I believe we got more then we bargained for when we tested bombs during the 40's and 50's. Until the 1980's, no one ever heard of holes in the Ozone and cancer was not as prevelant as it is now. What ever happed to the bann on nuclear testing? I realize not everyone does not see things the same way, but I don't think God created atoms to destroy life. He created them to sustain it. When we take something wonderful that God created, like an atom, and use it for evil we pay the consequences of our actions.

I'm glad someone made a web site for people to share their views on this issue.

NO.(3) We Should Seek Wisdom to Prevent Misuse. 1999.3.5 Reply Reference number:00077
As you pointed out, God created earth and consequently things on this earth have got two sides , like a coin. Things be beneficial if you use them in a proper way and things would be a harm if you misuse or utilize them in an evil way. It is wisdom for human beings which is sought to prevent such harms from being brought. It is deeply regrettable that humanity has seen in its history, so many harms caused by misuse. The presence of nuclear weapons is a symbolic example of those harms.

Also concerning the Internet which is now prevalent, the abuse of the Net has become one of the global problems. I believe that we, human beings, have to use wisdom and make more efforts to prevent any harms to be caused. We have been put on trial by God to judge if our presence is good or evil.

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NO.2 The Use of A-Bombs May Be Far Gentler Than a Prolonged War. 1998.11.12 Country:U.S.A Reference number:00051-2
I understand now. All things considered I think your site is an admirable idea. However, war in all its faces causes considerable amounts of devistation. The atomic bomb, while horrifying in its application and after-affects may be far gentler than the estimated million who would have died from a prolonged land war and post-war occupation. Please don't take this the wrong way, I agree with your decision the oppose nuclear weapons usage, however, in the struggle for peace I don't think I can limit my scope to just one subject.

An interresting after-thought... How do you suppose post war relations between U.S. and Japan would have been, had it been necessary for those estimated million people to die. Reguardless of who won, I imagine it would have caused a hatred lasting for generations, thereby keeping our countries appart politically and economically. Just a thought.

NO.(2) The U.S. Should Have Warned Japan of the Nuclear Threat Through Dialogue. 1999.3.5 Reply Reference number:00051-2
Your opinion --- what may have happened if A-bombs were not dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki --- is so hypothetical that I cannot evaluate it. However, you seem to have a misunderstanding: Before the A-bomb-Japan had almost lost its ability to continue the fight because most of the power of the naval and air forces had already been destroyed. It is true the army was advocating the slogan "honorable death rather than surrender", but it is also true that Japan was about to hold diplomatic negotiations in order to terminate the war.

This is the truth of history. The U.S. decided to undertake landing operations in Kyushu on November 1, 1945. I, however, believe there was a good chance that Japan surrendered before that day. The U.S. should have told Japan about the possession of nuclear weapons and tried to warn Japan through dialogues.

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NO.1 All Is Fair in Love and War---Dropping the bombs Saved Many Lives. 1998.8.24 Country:U.S.A Reference number:00054
All is fair in love and war. The dropping of the bomb saved how many allied lives? As the Japanese found it disgraceful to surrender they left little choice for the allied forces. Once the detination of Little Boy and Fat Man they were no longer weapons but deterrents.
Who has attacked the U.S. or the U.S.S.R. in the nuclear age? As for the countries in the Middle East, you're trying to reason with people who have held grudges against one another since the beginning of time. People think Hitler was fanatical, you haven't seen anything yet. To bad we all live in a shitty world.

NO.(1) Nuclear Weapons Are Not Necessary for World Peace. 1998.12.24 Reply Reference number:00054
Thank you for your insightful opinion. I understand that a number of Americans believe the atomic-bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki saved hundreds of thousands of lives. In fact, if Japan had not surrendered and an over land battle had started in Japan, a huge number of lives would have been claimed.

However, even if no matter how many lives were saved, we, atomic-bomb survivors, cannot be convinced that dropping the atomic bombs was right.

In Hiroshima and Nagasaki, more than 200,000 people were killed by only two atomic-bombs, Little Boy and Fat Man. Still a number of survivors suffer from radiation-related diseases even more than 50 years after the bombing. Atomic bombs and nuclear weapons are obviously weapons of mass destruction.

During the Cold War, nuclear countries such as the United States and former Soviet Union, spurred nuclear races under the principle of nuclear deterrence. After the Cold War, progress was made to some extent in nuclear disarmament by the international efforts, however , still there are more than 30,000 nuclear warheads on this earth.

I would like you to deeply think if it is true peace when we live with fear the threat of nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons threaten the lives' of human beings. I think nuclear abolition is indispensable to build world peace.

Meanwhile I think it is equally important to build peace in people's minds. I believe that peace is created by the hands of the people-come what may.

I hope you will keep this in mind and start to take actions for peace in your situation. I will also strive harder for peace, telling people about the horror of nuclear weapons.

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