The Spirit of HIROSHIMA

2015/10/042004.December 7 I broke the right foot for a traffic accident at Hiroshimakenritsuzyoshi University.
2006.December 23 I fell down because of cerebral infarction.
2011.October 11 I was hospitalized with an acute gallbladder flame.
2009/09/23My Motive for Drawing 13 Atomic-bomb Pictures
2008/10/14The activity in Norway was published.
2007/11/27INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ”THE ARTIC: MIRROR OF LIFE: Participant and Speaker: Miyoko Matsubara
2006/10/23Japanese Graduate Students Studying at Harvard University Plan a Trip to Hiroshima to Hear the Habukasha’s Testimony
2006/04/01Aaddition, ‘Please listen to the voices of Hiroshima!’
The Exhibition was held at Emory University, Reverend Tanimoto’s alma mater, in Atlanta Georgia USA, from September 15th till November 15th 2003, displaying 48 photo panels and 41 drawings. There was an area set aside for making folded paper cranes. During the five day stay in the city, Miyoko gave talks to junior & senior high school and university students.
From September 8 to 11 in 2008, Miyoko Matsubara has participated in Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Exhibition and Seminar at Volda University College in Norway.
At the seminar, Miyoko Matsubara received words of appreciation and encouragement for survivors’ peace activities from Chair of Norwegian Nobel Committee and Director of Norwegian Nobel Institute.
Participated in the ‘Anti war, abolition of nuclear arms and to appeal for peace’ tour held on the first anniversary of the terrorist attack on N.Y. Gave talks at churches and universities in 8 cities.
Presented A-bomb experience talks at junior & senior high schools and universities located near the Forum venue.
It carries e-mails and our responses since 1997.
It features some of the latest e-mails and our responses since 1999.
We have collected major questions often asked by children. We have also set up “Quiz Box” to evaluate how much you understand Hiroshima. Please have a try.
What happened on that day in Hiroshima. Survivors recalls their experiences and call for nuclear abolition. We always welcome other survivors who would like to put their stories on our web site.
In this corner we will take you around Hiroshima Peace Park. You will visit bombed buildings and monuments in the park.
Personal posessions of the victims, damage caused by the bomb and history of Hiroshima. This corner features the exhibits of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.
We provide peace eduction for students in the United States. Students in primary, junior high and senior high schools, colleges and universities may participate in this program via a teleconferencing system using digital lines.
This corner features peace education education class held by atomic-bomb survivors, using picture phone. Survivors gave classes for junior and high school students for their peace education. Survivors are always welcomeed who would like to do the class.
Results of a questionnaire given to students of Georgetown University, following a lecture delivered on September 13, 1995.
Try and enjoy “Quiz Box”. You will know how much you understand Hiroshima.
This corner introduces some major activities of our group and there we ask for young people’s participation in our activities. Also, we are collecting petition for “Abolition 2000” nuclear abolition campaign.
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In May, Miyoko Matsubara introduced this web site “The Spirit of Hiroshima” to the participants of the Hague Peace Appeal using a portable PC and got engaged in “face to face” dialogues.
This web site was first established in May 1999. Miyoko Matsubara, representative of the group, give you her message.
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Profile and the atomic bomb story of Miyoko Matsubara, representative of “The Group to Convey the Spirit of Hiroshima”.
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