Survivors’ Stories

Latest Update 2001, Jan 2

The story of Toshie Une

Crying, Running about Children.
Begging in vain for Water.
My family.
Prayer for the Souls Who Thirsted for Water.

The story of Kwak Bok Soon

Hiroshima may be lucky enough to miss air attacks.
Trapped under the debris just when I got out of the house.
“Please help me!” “Give me water!” “Mom, Mom!”
Maggots stuck to the body.
River filled with bodies.
Encouraged by the braveness of my son, I decided to tell my story.

The story of Kunizo Hatanaka

August 6m1945, my pregnant wife was exposed to the bomb.
February 14,1946. Yuriko was born.
Microcephaly inflicted my daughter and cancer took the life of my wife.
Sufferings that Yuriko experienced who was born after the atomic-bombing.
Reference: Microcephaly

The story of Kanji Yamasaki

My house used to stand where the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park now lies.
Happy days I spent with Kentaro.
August 6. After the flash, I was Trapped under the collapsed school building.
August 7. Desperate coming home.
August 8. Is it human? -Unbelievable scence.
My life and Hiroshima after the bombing.

The story of Taeko Teramae.

Words of encouragement in the tragedy.
Finally we reached the bank.
Devaststed with my completely disfigured face.
“You are fortunate to be dead…”

The story of Suzuko Numata.

My dreams that never came true.
Atomic-bomb experience
Exposed to the bombing 3 days before the wedding.
My lost left foot.
Bombed Aogiri gave me courage to live.
To devote my life to creating peace.
Not let the tragedy be repeated.

The story of Miyoko Matsubara.

Mobilized student to demolish wooden houses
Fireball and Roaring sound
Severe burns and ragged clothes
As if I was looking at a horror movie
I might have been able to save Michiko’s Life
On the verge of Death
Miserable days of My Youth
Adjust myself to Society through Welfare Activities
Can hardly justify the Atomic Bombing
Humanity and its possible extermination

The story of Miyoko Watanabe.

Intense flash burst upon me
Mother looked an unearthly creature
Mother’s fingers were left paralyzed
A baby sucking at a dead woman’s breast
Father’s body burned all over
Maggots crawling over burned bodies
Broken glass pieces in mom’s mouth
Father’s death
Too many deaths numbed my senses
Horrible aftereffects took my brother’s life
Telling my story is my mission for peace