Peace Memorial Museum(East Building)

Building 1st floorEast Building 2nd floor
Hiroshima Before the BombingWar, the A-bomb and the people of Hiroshima
The Meiji and Taisho PeriodRecovery from Chaos
The Aioi BridgeA-bomb Orphans
The Sino-Japanese War and Ujina HarborThe ABCC
Hiroshima in the Showa Period and During WarsThe Peace Memorial City Reconstruction Law
National Mobilization of SpiritA-bomb Damage Continues
Student Labor Mobilization for Military FactoriesFetuses Injured
Forced Labor Program for Ethnic Minorities“Hiroshima Maidens”
Forced Demolition of HomesFukuryu-maru No. 5
Evacuating Pupils
Why the A-bomb was dropped on Hiroshima?Health Examination for Hibakusha
The Manhattan ProjectOverseas Hibakusha
Hurried useHiroshima Reborn
Reasons for Selecting HiroshimaEast Building 3rd floor
Targets for the A-bombingThe Nuclear Age
The American decision-making process 1945Horror of Nuclear Weapons
Watch stopped at 8:15Nuclear Winter
Panorama before and after the bombingNuclear Proliferation
The Destruction of HiroshimaVictims of Nuclear Tests
Truth of A-bombThe Path to Peace
Charred StreetcarLessons of history
First News ReportsWhy Don’t War End?
Signs of SurvivalLearning from the School Books of Other Countries
Radiation InvestigationsPeripheral Hibakusha
The Hiroshima BombConveying the A-bomb Experience
Damage by the A-bombThe Prayer of Hiroshima
Damage from Heat and BlastProtesting Nuclear Weapons Testing
Damage from RadiationRelief of Hibakusha
A-bomb Damage to Human BodiesStudying Peace
Protest TelegramsHibakusha Drawings
Model of “Dome” reproduced on the scale of 73/100Hibakusha Testimony Videos

Overseas Exhibits of A-bomb Artifacts